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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Storage systems by Organizes-it

I have to admit that the only two reasons why I would like to live in the US are the price of all thing crafty and the amazing storage products available everywhere.
While I was visiting Toronto last week I saw this fantastic cart.

What it's great and different from others is that each drawer is a carrying case, like the one below, which is very convenient for demonstrators or scrapbookers on the go.

You can buy them here (US based shop, not sure if they ship to UK).
Target has a similar one:
And this other one:
which holds cases that look like this:


Anonymous said...

wow what a fab idea - only prob is I'd end up wheeling the whole thing to my crop LOL

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea for storing projects. Sometimes I have different albums in progress at the same time. These drawers could store them while they are pending. Thanks for great blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, where do we get that cart?


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