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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sarah Slaughter's clearStamp Storage

Sarah found some popper wallets (1) in portrait style at staples - perfect size (A5)!

Then, Sarah put the stamps onto the clear storage sheet (2) that they come with and trimmed the printed carrier sheet a little. The stamps also cling easily to the back of the laminate sheet when done also.
Then took some plain A5 paper and also trimmed this a little. The reason why you need to trim it is so that the edges have a good seal around the plastic carrier sheet and the laminate.

Sarah then laminated (3) the printed sheet backed onto paper. All of this bits go into the popper wallet.

Stored in a basket!! (4) The wallets make storage more portable and also more secure.
You can see Sarah's work here.


Sara Millis said...

Oh wow, wow, wow! I have to blog roll you on my blog Crafts of Texture... your blog is just what I need for my studio!!

Joke said...

Hé, you have a very nice blog. What a nice way to show people about storage. I could learn a lot about storage. When I ever get a scraproom I come back for ideas.


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