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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Violet Skiles's studio

When it comes to beautiful studios, well this is pretty much up there with the best. I particularly the island in the middle that is high for scrapping but with Violet has a two stools as well.

Also I loved the Closet. I think it is perfect to take note of how to take advantage of small and weirdly shaped areas.

And of course this wood unit ... makes me want one!

For more photos and proper explanation by Violet, click here.


ricanlaw said...

Beautiful I agree. I'm interested in the wood unit with shallow drawers. Do you know where she got hers or where would be a good place to look for one?

Bagladee said...

Wow, I wish my crafting area looked like this.....a crafters paradise!! I am soooo envious, I have to put up with sewing in our office at home, where me and my other half fight over who is using the desk!! :( maybe one day!!! Dream on x

Sam Currie said...

wow where does this lady live - I am moving in!!!

Tif said...

I am totally drooling over her space. It's gorgeous!!


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