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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Full Circle

Funny how things go around. Through Google I found Valerie's blog and found this post.

I am very happy that someone has bought the ribbon holder from Jeff and more importantly is really happy with it. To go to Jeff's blog click here.

So please, Jeff and other inventors or storage manufacturers, email me with your websites. After all, we crafters not only enjoy IKEAs crafty storage but also the fabulous made for purpose storage.


Jeff said...

Thank you again for your great comments. My blog is:


I have added a few new things and I am working on a few more.


Valerie said...

Oh I'm glad you came across my blog...I thought I posted on your blog where you first posted Jeff's creations about the ribbon holder he had made me? maybe it didn't go thru? I found him thru you and I thank you very much he's an awesome guy...I was lucky to even met him in person last weekend when I picked up my awesome ink holder which I will be posting on my blog VERY soon!


Alley said...

I love looking at these sites for crafting/storage ideas. Jeff's ribbon holder rocks! I've posted some of my humble space since we've moved I really enjoy others ideas.

Anonymous said...

Love the ribbon holder. your blog is very inspiring to get organzined.

Hope you're having a good week.


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