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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Betty's Stamp Room

I think is worth to note that it is an small room (for US standards) but it is pack with products and lovely ideas on how to make the most of the space and store all the essentials.

PS: I found the video in Youtube, so I have no link to the blog/website of the owner of this studio. Since it had the option of embedding the video I assume it is fine to post it here, but if you are Betty and are not happy about being featured here let me know!


Anonymous said...

If this lady would turn her stamps all into UM's she would have SO much more space. I wonder if she has considered the possibility. I just can imagine what she could do it she had all those shelves to use!

Michelle Tech said...

Omyword, Betty! You've got everything! It looks like you're super organized so you can really get some projects done there! TFS!

Jaszmurka said...


Lindsay Mason said...

Hello Paula, great blogsite, lots of great ideas. SOme making me green with envy! Leonie "tagged" me, so I am now tagging you - see my blog for details! Hope to see you soon, Lindsay

Unknown said...

Paula, I left you a surprise on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, stumble across your blog by googling stamp rooms and BOY AM I SUPRISED!!!!! Thank you!!!! I love to see how other people come up with crever ideas for storage, organization, etc. You are definitly going to be one of my favorites ;) Again, love your blog and thanks for all your work. It is much appreciated.

Betty said...

Hi Paula,

I'm the Betty from "Betty's Stamp Room". Thanks for posting my video. I just found your great blog and I plan to visit often!

Renske said...

I love your site that's why i would like to give you the "Kreativ Blogger Award"
on my blog you can read how it works.
love Renske, from Holland

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Betty! Could you come on over and organize me? I think you would die if you saw my craft rooms.

Please check out my new RubberStamping/Cardmaking blog, and share it with your buddies.

Here's to you and an organized craft room!



Betty said...

Betty's stamp room on youtube has been updated if you would like to take a look.


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