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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Susan's custom crafting table

The table is at the heart of any craft room, and many of us have spent days, months, or even years searching for the perfect one. Susan over at Cards, Quilts, and Kittys took matters into her own hands - and came up with a custom table that suits her needs perfectly!
(all photos courtesy of Susan at Cards, Quilts and Kittys)

There are many more great elements to Susan's craft room. Here's a photo of the entire room:

One of my favourite pieces is the antique dental cabinet (on the far left) that houses her wood-mounted stamps. When she purchased it from an antiques market, it was LIME green!
Cruise on over to Susan' blog and see even more photos: Cards, Quilts and Kittys. Be sure to tell her Crafty Storage sent you!

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