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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Crafters Companion's pen storage

Could this be the ultimate pen storage?
It is made by Crafters Companion (UK craft company but available in the USA too) and  they say it will accommodate any pen type available right now in the craft market. It certainly looks great and has all the interlocking and arranging ways that a crafter would want.

For more info, click here.

Ps, this is NOT a sponsored post! I haven't tried the system myself (yet) so I can't really comment on it just yet.


PeeJay said...

No, it's not the ultimate system as it doesn't allow for vertical storage :0( I know CC's blurb says - and I quote - "Due to the nature of alcohol pens, they need to be stored horizontally to ensure even ink flow to both ends" - from the point of view of Promarkers and Copics that is not the case. They can both be stored any which way you choose and, in respect of Promarkers that comes from the horse's mouth as I emailed Lexmark and asked when I heard this nonsense from someone who should have known better more than a year ago. Copics have the information on their website. Storing horizontally may be what is required for the Spectrum Noirs (I have no experience of them so can't say - just don't see why they should be any different) but it isn't a requirement of other alcohol pen makes. I like my pens vertical so disappointed that this storage doesn't allow for that.

Suzzi said...

Looks neat. Wonder how it is taking markers in and out. Thanks for posting. I know you are only hear so often, but I still check it out. Have a great holiday season

PeeJay said...

ooops! Not Lexmark ... Letraset - lol! Only just noticed I got it wrong. Must have had printers on my mind.

Paula Pascual said...

Hello PeeJay,
I think you have a point. Vertical storage is something that I like to have as an option. However, as a universal pen storage I think the route of going only horizontal is a sound one as makes the fact that you should store most pens and markers horizontally. I was told that let reset pro markers would be best to store horizontally by a graphic designer who had been using them for ages (20+ years ago).
So, for the time being, I still think this is the ultimate storage, not that it will suit everyone!

Unknown said...

That looks great. I would use it!

Cheri said...

Well, I bought into this thinking...purchased this item, ordered more as stacking upwards and at an angle is easy access and great way for me to organize all my pens in one place and especially eye appealing and quick for reordering. As far as longevity of pens or tips, not sure, not even sure time will tell. However, I do like the clear stacking at this time. Happy Creating All

Aimeslee Winans said...

To those of you who want vertical storage, can't you just put this CC holder on its side? Seems like it can accomodate both orientations... . xoxo

Pat said...

I love my storage system. Use for copics, keeping them in color family and in numerical order. Easy to add racks as your inventory grows.
Also use for any markers that need to be kept horizontal
Pat s.


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