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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Punches and Ikea

This is a brilliant idea. Bron says:

I was looking on your site getting inspiration for a way to store a medium amount of punches. I love the custom made ones but don't have that many to justify the cost. Then I found the Kvissle Letter Tray (Link to UK site) at Ikea for $50. Each tray can store 6 large or 8 medium or lots more small punches. I mix up my sizes though so they are stored with 'like' designs. Then at the bottom I store the hand punches and other miscellaneous ones. 

I think this could be used as well for stamps and many more crafty items.

IKEA US link

For other countries go to:


Laura lok said...

Bummer not available in the us

am said...

Looks like it is available in the US:

CAS said...

Ohh, and it looks like it fits inside the Ikea Expedit!


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