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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridget's studio

I will let Bridget explain her studio.
My studio (I love calling it that) is actually in a guest bedroom. I
gave myself a budget of $75. I wanted a work-place that was organized
and fun. I was really struggling with my sickers and my stamps,
photos and misc. stuff! I would just stack everything on paper trays,
and it wasn't pretty!

There was an old brown dresser in the guest bedroom. My in-laws
purchased it at an auction for less than $15 about twenty years ago.
It has huge, deep drawers. I spent about $12 sanding and re-painting
it. I'm using the top drawer for stamping, and the middle drawer has
my current scrapbooking albums.

I use the utility cart for storing stickers. I have them divided up
by theme. I use the hanging wall cabinet for ribbons and storing
photos that are waiting to be cropped. I also have two pink
containers. One pink container holds all my adhesives, while the
other holds all the little tickets and hotel room keys I manage to
collect. The caddy on the dresser holds scissors, scrapbooking
markers, hole punches, brads and my corner rounder.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Just goes to show what you can get into a small space.


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