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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Slice Design Cards Storage

I'm always a fan of crafty storage that's a crafty project in itself - this storage project was designed to hold a collection of 'Slice' memory cards and the booklets that come along with them, but could just as easily be used to store and catalogue your photo memory cards.

Using decorative book covers, self-adhesive velcro and a plastic pocket - Jenni has created a pretty solution for storing easy-to-misplace memory cards. You can see her original post here (in German - have your translation program at the ready!)

This nifty little project comes to us from 'Yosemite's Scrapbook'


Sue said...

I like the look of this.

Anonymous said...

That's truly cool!
Greetz, Jessica

Regan said...

wow..that is super cool!

Lory (Loryquilt) said...

So wonderful!! I try to make it for my slice card! Ciao From Italy


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