Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Amber's Homemade Ribbon Rack

Here's a great way to store ribbon! Amber over at All Fresh and Clean! bought this old spice rack (for only TWO dollars!)
(photo courtesy of Amber at All Fresh and Clean!)
and made it over into a super cute ribbon rack!
(photo courtesy of Amber at All Fresh and Clean!)
Head over to her blog for more details. Make sure you tell her Crafty Storage sent you!

Posted by Jessica


Anonymous said...

I love your idea!!!! Fresh, clean and a great price. Yes, of course I'm drooling over all of your PTI ribbon

ScrappnBee said...

Love the ribbon rack! Fabulous job!!! PS-sending you the Stylish Blogger Award from my site. Love all your storage inspiration!!!

Mrs. Fence said...

Really love this idea! I have a dowel ribbon rack, but so many times I would like to just take the ribbon off, but it's so much trouble...I'll be stalking yard sales this spring!

Tracy said...

This is so neat. Love to repurpose.


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