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Friday, December 17, 2010

Bear with us

This is just a quick message to explain why there hasn't been many posts lately. Well, as you can imagine the road to Christmas is as busy time for us at the Crafty Storage team as is for anyone, so we have all been busy with work, family and other commitments.  
Hopefully, once we pass Christmas we can resume the posting more often as before.



Anonymous said...

Totally understand - hope you and your families have a very happy Christmas and thanks so much for all your hard work on here - it's so much appreciated. Looking forward to more inspiration when you can manage it!

Anonymous said...

You dont know how much you miss something until its gone. I look at your site everyday and look forward to the tips and especially the rooms! (I hope to submit mine in the new year) Now ... its been gone & I realize how MUCH I miss it! Cant wait till you get back on! Merry Christmas to you all & a Happy New Year! -Heidi

SusanLotus said...

I take a look at Crafty storage each day even I don´t comment very often. So just to let you know we are many fans out here waiting for new posts! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from snowy Sweden :)

Unknown said...

Hi x Your site is certainly a resource and inspiring, but we understand when you cant post hun x Leigh x

Saphira said...

You are right... I`m missing you!!

Thanks a lot for so much inspiration this year...for searching all this super ideas...for all the nice visitors on my blog after your post...THANK YOU
I wish you from my heart a wonderful chrismas time with lots of presents and love...and a very good 2011.
Hopefully watching in your future ideas I send you greetings from white (many many snow) M√ľnchen -
Munich Germany
(and sorry for my English)

Sharon Huffman said...

We're all busy, you're absolutely correct about that! My craft room is an awful disaster now and my mess has spread to other parts of the house (can you find your dining room table about now???) Have a wonderful holiday and come back when you've had time to breathe. We'll all still be here!


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