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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Craft Storage Most Popular | Alex - from IKEA - the most used craft storage unit?

When I recently had a look through my Pinterest Crafty Storage board to see what kept reappearing.

And the most popular item was the Alex drawer unit from IKEA. (Links for the UK IKEA site, search Alex on the main page of IKEA)

There is of course the tall thin version as well.

There are literally hundreds of units used by crafters and artists, and I cant feature them all but here there are some of my favourite photos of the Alex used to store crafts. ( Click on the photos for the link to their blog post for more photos and/or explanation!)

Anna's is one of my favourite as she has creatively remove the top two drawers to create an extra open tall drawer at the top.

Amy makes it a lovely sewing area desk unit.

I like how inside all these drawers there are extra organisers for smaller items, idea from Caprice.

Anita's used three of them to create a working island. Perfect for those die cutting machine as well as trimmer area.

Ikea Hackers has also a step by step tutorial on how to decoupage with old maps one of these popular units.

There is even a Flickr gallery (highly recommended) and a Hero Arts Flickr discuss groups on the Height and depth of them, Alex wide here and the tall and thin here

Or a Splitcoasters Thread on them which again I highly recommend to visit as it discusses the height of the drawers.

Kristina Werner has even done a video on hers:

Well, I have got one of those units and I have to say it lives up to the hype!


deshacrafts said...

I have 2 of the short ones in white in my rubber stamp room and a tall white one in my sewing room. I also have a short narrow one in my office at work. These are the best and they hold a ton of stuff!

Lieve said...

Funny, last week I wrote a blogpost about my pimped version of the Alex:

Jacky said...

Lovely design!

Unknown said...

These are really good design for the storage units and can be utilised as the best storage solution specifically I liked the wheels that me them easily movable.

Virginia said...

where did the organizer trays come from for the drawers I have 2 of the drawers on my shopping list like the organization in the drawers..

Karen G. said...

I just came across this post on Pinterest. Any idea where the photo is from that shows the extra organizers in the drawers? It is the photo below the sewing desk but it does not have a link. I would love to have the organizers for the drawers!

LisaAnn said...

I'd also LOVE to know where the drawer insert organizers came from!

Missi said...

can you tell me where the organization trays came from in the picture with the organization for little items like brads and what not. I would love to get the Alex and those inner trays would be nice to have as well.

KipperCat said...

I also want to know about the small storage inside the Alex unit.


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