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Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Picture Class

Big Pictures classes are doing this online course: 

Organizing FUNdamentals6 weeks to a fun & functional scrapbook space  
By Wendy Smedley and Aly Dosdall
Click here for more information.

I have never done anything like that, have any of you enlisted and is it worth it?


Life - Up, Down & Sideways said...

I've been involved with a few on-line organization classes. I've really enjoyed the one by Tiffany with the Scrap Rack. The class is free and you don't need to purchase any product. I wish you all the best with the class and keep us updated on your progress.

Mel C said...

Looks like registration is closed now - I might have tried it if I'd seen it on time! I haven't taken a class like that, but I have taken others from Big Picture and they're always quite good!


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