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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amy's unmounted stamp storage

Unmounted stamps have quickly become an extremely popular choice with stampers. The lack of a wooden block means they're inexpensive to ship, extremely portable, and take up a lot less space.

Of course, that means you need a way to store them! Amy over at Prairie Paper and Ink has created a video that highlights the product she uses to store her unmounted stamps:

You can find the same type of stamp storage boxes at many online stores, including the following:

Store More Stamps by Little Monkeys

C.C. Designs Stamp Binder Boxes

Gina K Designs Binder Boxes

Taylored Expressions Mini Binder Boxes

Posted by Jessica


marijke said...

oh wow I love these binders to put in the stamps , we don't have those over here ( in Holland) so hope to find out how I can order those somehwere

France Ringuette said...

Nice binder for the small pages, I insert the 8x11 page in my catalogue holder that I have adapted to my stamps and it really works well too... I'll nee to find that thinner e-zmount... I've only seen the thick one in our craft stores... That thin one takes up much less space.

Great idea !

Nora said...

Sunday International has cling pages & binder boxes for storage, as well. In fact, they were the first to carry them.


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