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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spices & Buttons?

What does this (see pictures below) have to do with Crafty Storage?

A few months ago I decided that it was time to get my spices off the counter. Living in a condo, we have limited space in our small kitchen. So, I made some tins to hang on the fridge. That left me with an empty spice rack. It's no longer taking up space on our kitchen counter, instead, it's in our spare room (my make-shift craft room).

The spice rack is happy to hold colorful embellishments now!

Do you have any "unusual" crafty storage advice? I would love to hear from others! :)


Spice Rack said...

Wow! That is the most idealistic, most practical and organize place you have their. Spice rack really is a great tool in making one's place more hip and categorize accordingly.

Sue said...

What a fab idea.

marijke said...

hey thats a wonderfull idea it looks very gooed too

Tizzalicious said...

That is brilliant. I think I'm gonna have to steal this idea :)

Alexandra Feo said...

Wooww this is genius, a very usefull and orginal idea.
Thanks for sharing it.

It is very nice and reeeaaaally usefull your blog! love it

tamdoll said...

I was just talking about storage last week... those little spice jars are like watchmakers cases - I love how they can be stored if magnetized and vertical! And the clear tops are awesome so you can see right inside.

wintam said...

Just found this post -and even if it's not current - your idea is! and it's great! thanks!!


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