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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carly Robertson's Studio

Carly Robertson of Paper in Bloom is so lucky to have a handy husband, he has built her a new table for her studio, and it is PERFECT for her scrapbooking.

The table is approximately 6' x 4' which is the perfect size to scrapbook on, she can layout all her supplies and pictures, and still have room to create! and below the table top she keeps some of her cardstock, pattern paper and scrapbooking kits.

Because Carly sews on many of her layouts she has also created this lovely little sewing centre in her studio.

For more pictures of the lovely table click here

For further pictures of Carly's studio click here


Brenda in Sunny SoCal. said...

I LOVE the serene environment here

Vanessa said...

What a gorgeous space! I only dream about having such a space.

HenryGirl said...

I found this blog-site aboute a month ago or so. And I just want to say I LOVE IT!!!! As soon as I have some time over, I just klick in here to see all the fab crafty storage you show us here! If there isn´t any new post, I just sit an scroll over all the older posts. I cant look at them all enought. And everytime, I see something new that I missed befor. Maby a small smart hook on a wall or somethnig like that. I have a scraping room to, but I want to redecorate it, it´s not smart enought as it is now. So I soak up all smart details and ideas, and befor summer I hope to have my craftyroom as good as new!

So once more I just want to thank you for such a greate blog!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!

Best regards from me/ Ida in Sweden

Christina Dowty said...

I just love this site! I am so inspired by everyone's craft spaces and storage. I have awarded it a Stylish Blogger Award. Hop on over to my blog for more info....


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