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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nichol's Craft Studio

Nichol Magouirk has some fantastic stamp storage on her blog here

There's also a video and picture tour of her gorgeous craft room here

This is Nicol's favorite wall in her studio. "Loads of color + inspiration (and many of my favorite things: buttons, Copics, ribbon, etc."

I think if it were in my room, I'd never leave!

Nicol's Sewing Area

Take a look at this unit, Nicol label's everything. Makes finding what she need's a breeze.

There are lots more storage ideas on her blog here


Ashley J. said...

Oh it is sooooo gorgous! I just love all of the orginization and space! I would die for space like this. And my husband would actually be happy with it >___>

("Nichol", not "Nicole" :-) )

AuroraDawn said...

Oops, Spelling corrected (I have a sister called Nichole ...)

Rachel said...

That spinning rack for the stamps is such a great idea! I might have to use that....someday!

Amy said...

I LOVE this are after my heart with all that storage and how it's neat and matches.

Encore Bride said...

I love that sewing room! I'm just setting mine up and this has some great ideas.


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