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Monday, February 21, 2011

Jane's creative cupboard

Jane's litle cupboard studio is it is only a 3ft by 5ft space.

But you know what? I love it. Everything needed to create is there. I think this space is one of those that makes you realize that having a small creative space does not mean that you are going to create less or worst than if you do have a larger one. 
Having a big one has its advantages, but trust me, a little one has them too. 

Click here for more photos and explanation on what and why Jane has used for her creative space.


SDCrafts said...

This is a great idea and I've posted it on my own blog. We are going to redecorate/refit my own craft room this year. Nothing grand, just a modest organisation that will reuse all I have and add to it sensibly.

Taylor said...

What a creative use of space! I love the idea of using book rings with punch storage - such a great idea!

Maggie said...

Fantastic! You prove that you can never say you don't have a spot to call your own space! Congrats!

Kathyk said...

What a fantastic use of the space under the stairs - sadly, wouldn't work in our house as this space is already in use . . . . . it's a loo!!!


Kirsti said...

Woohooo....way to go Jane...xx

Carmen said...

Wow! Very inspiring indeed. She did a great job on the space. This girl obviously wants to scrap!

mckinkle said...

How absolutely fab to see a realistic british crafting space!!

Sadly we rarely have the luxury of huge homes with masses of space as we live on such a tiny island so I really welcome seeing some more typical crafting spaces!!

Keep up the good work girls, its lovely to get ideas even if we cant all have the same space!!

Keryn x


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