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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lisa's Craft Area

Lisa from Moments Matter has invited us around her craft area (13' x 11')

Lisa has a fabulous workstation in the middle of her workspace, which was built by her husband, so it holds a really special place in her heart PLUS it has LOADS of storage. Not only drawers of all sizes but shelves too!

The dark unit had large openings that hold all of Lisa's patterned papers plus the holders - all her precious papers are protected. There's also enough space that she can fit in 13x13 storage boxes of embellishments, its also not so tall that she can add a wire rack storage for her cardstock collection.

I love her cardstock samplers!

Click here for more photos and ideas


Carmen said...

Awesome space! Love her card stock samples too!

NYC mold remediation said...

Very neat and clean indeed.There is an advantage of being organised...that you do not spend time searching for things.


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