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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft room inspiring my own renovation.

My name is Christy and I'm happy to be contributing to Crafty Storage. I am currently in the midst of a craft room overhaul. After many moves and accumulation it is time. In doing research for my "remodel" I cam across Crafty Storage as well as many others. I hope my findings along my own task will help others.

One craft room that has already been featured, but deserves to be revisted belongs to Amanda. From her custom desk and shelving to use of purchased drawer sets, Amanda has thought of just about everything. I can only dream that when I'm done my studio will resemble even 10% of what she has accomplished here. The picture above is the most recent, taken just last week. Check out her blog and tour of her Scraproom. I just can't get over how she has her paper organized and well kept. Just like in a store... This will be my first assignment for my own room.

Check back for more ideas. I hope to have some before and after photos of my own craftroom soon.


Sue said...

I'm getting so jealous of these lovely craft rooms.

A. Wilder said...

great the paper storage and how organized everything is!

Tricia Williams said...

Well organised room!!! Love IT :O)

Jacque said...

I love Amandas room and her blog, she a sweetie :)


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