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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Re-purpose a TV Cabinet

Hiya! I'm Bec and I've just joined the crafty storage blogging team. I thought it was only fitting that as my first contribution here, I should post a bit of a sneak peek at how I store and organise things.

I'm currently living in chaos - my fiance and I have just bought our first home and we're renovating the kitchen. So unfortunately, my craft room (aka the spare bedroom) is not as organised as it will be.

In my old house, I had a simple set up with lots of 'letter drawers', and old TV cabinet.

I found the TV cabinet worked quite well for small-space storage, and using it in my craft room saved it from going to the tip when we bought a larger tv.

Some of the benefits of using TV cabinet for craft storage
  • The TV opening has room for vertical paper storage in wire filing racks, for completed scrapbook albums or bigger projects.
  • The media shelves happened to fit my letter racks perfectly, but are adjustable to whatever height is required.
  • The shelf for a vcr or dvd player was great for storing my trimmer and sketch pads.
  • And the closed doors at the bottom hide a multitude of sins!

There are more pictures and a bit of an explanation on my blog, linked below.

Click here for more.


Unknown said...

cool idea, thanks for sharing! am now a stalker, oops i mean follower of your blog Xx

Storage Garage said...

You have great work. Weldone


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