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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tales of a Cube City: A makeover tale

Hello there everyone, this is Angi, one of your new Crafty Storage team members, reporting to you from Not so sunny, Dover, Delaware....

Susan, from Busy with the Cricky
has spent some time in the last year making over her scrapbook space.

The basic premise of her space is cubes, the six most recent cubes (pictured above) she purchased at Oriental Trading Company she used two cubes with (2)drawers, four basic cubes, and two sets of shelves (for a total of ten shelves). As you can see, this made great paper storage, lots of room for embellies and even a great stand for a printer or cricut or other bulky machine. You can get this whole set up for under $300.00

When Susan moved into her new home 2.5 years ago, she picked the smallest bedroom, her L shaped desk and a simple rectangular desk. She has slowly added shelf units to her room, making a small scrap space very functional and with-in her budget.

I moved the cardstock paper stacker to this little wall by the closet. There is still a nice four foot entry area to get into the room.

She has a very supportive hubby er... Santa who has added little storage treasures to her room over time... All these cubes pieced together have made a fantastically charming space out of a tiny bedroom.

By far though, my favorite thing in Susan's space is Caroline, her aptly named wire dress form.... She got some new hooked clips from Santa which worked nicely to add embellishments to the dress form, becoming both functional and fashionable.

Susan, thinks her scraproom 2010 face lift isn't too fancy, but it sure it functional and its a whole lot better than the two cards tables I am using ;)smile

I can't wait to share some more organization tips with you soon!! Until next time,



Sue said...


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Great cube set up and i love the pictures on the walls! said...

I love how organized this is! Great job Susan. I'll be linking to this.


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