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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Love this studio! Very pretty in pink. It is Margie Rommey-Aslett, a Making Memories Creative Designer, which you can find more info and fotos here.

Ally Ayres Studio

(I know there is some problems with this images, I 'll try and fix them in the next couple of days.)

Illy Coffee Tins
Asda Spice Rack £2
Ikea Expidite Casualty £5
paper rack craft shop second-hand
3 draw trays £1 poundland
storage jars ikea
Slimfast tins, diet didn't work but the tin came in handy
Ribbon holder Ikea curtain rail
99p including brackets bargain!
Argos cake stand
Last Winter

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Keisha Campbell is one of the most inspiring scrapbookers right now, at least for me, and she has posted photos o her studio on her blog, A Bit East. I must say, it is totally beautiful, and so not me! I wish it was my style, but I like things in the studio mostly to be practical, looks are second.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kathleen Stevens Studio

The base cupboards are kitchen base units, and worktop.

On the left as going into the room, there are 2 billy bookshelves – each with 3 cubes in them – from ikea. Bygel hanging rail underneath them with Bygel baskets for storing paints.

Hensvik wall unit with 6 cubes, underneath are stripa shelves – from ikea again. I have blossoms and flowers stored in storage canisters in the sale from Asda for 50p.

On the other wall is another Hensvik wall unit, 2 more stripa shelves, and the hanging rail and baskets are part of a set from Lidl.

Then Billy bookcase and then Expedit shelves – a 4x4 cube with a 4x2 cube on top of it. All from Ikea again!

Had to cut about 1cm from my cropper hopper paper holders so they fit into the shelves – also got horizontal magazine file holders from Sainsburys in the sale – can fit 3 into a cube with room to spare – ideal for 12x12 papers. 4L RUB fit 4 to a cube as well, unfortunately note big enough to squeeze the 7L RUB or Artbin boxes in though….

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ali Edwards has posted in her blog an entry about her room, her studio. Lovely, full of ideas, but I have to say not for OCD people like me (I have the tendency, never been diagnosed!). Worth looking into, the room I mean.

More photos coming up later. been a little bit distracted lately!


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