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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deb's Creative Studio

Oh wow, Deb's studio - you just have to visit her blog to see her fantastic work space and the wonderful storage, just wow ...

Deb has so many storage ideas, one of them is to use Bygel rods and baskets from Ikea to store her punches. It keeps them neat but still in sight so she uses them much more than if they were stored away in drawers.

Click here to visit Deb's Creative Studio.

Posted by AuroraDawn

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ribbon storage...

From the front, this is what my new ribbon basket looks like.  Nothing too exciting.

However, when you turn the basket around, this is what you'll find.
I threaded my ribbon through the basket weave.

It's not a pretty sight (thankfully the view from the front is nice and clean), but it keeps my ribbon organized and easy to transport from room to room. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crafting in 16 square feet!

Yes, you read that right. Laurana crafts in a closet that is about 1.5 square meters (or just over 16 square feet.) And you should be jealous. She somehow managed to take a tiny space, and not only make it functional, but make it pretty!

(photo courtesy of Laurana)

Just look at all that storage!
(photo courtesy of Laurana)

Laurana's blog is in Finnish, but you can find a short description of her space on Apartment Therapy.

So where do you do your crafting? Is it a room? A closet? Your dining room table? We'd love to hear about it!

Posted by Jessica

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Shot Organization

Angie, over at My Chic 'n Scratch has come up with a great way to store her Big Shot, as well as organize all those dies, embossing folders, alphabets, Texturz Plates & Sizzlits, cutting pads, etc.

 So Creative! For more info and pics, click here. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scrap Paper Storage

We all have them - those pesky little scraps of paper leftover from a project. They're too big to throw away, but too small to store with your full-sized sheets!

So what to do? I've found some great ideas for scrap storage, which will hopefully encourage you to use up all those bits and pieces. Be frugal, environmentally friendly, and super crafty!

I know when I'm in the middle of a project, I'm not always great about cleaning as I go. Ashley has a great idea for temporary scraps storage and also shares how she files away her scraps for future use.

Amy uses a similar system, and has a great metal filing cart (Office Classics File Cart and Organizer from Costco) that keeps all her full-sized cardstock neat and tidy!

As previously featured here on Crafty Storage, Denise of Paper Pastime made her own "El Cheapo Clip it Up" and stores scraps in plastic page protectors.

Some other ideas:
- plastic accordion file folder
- photo boxes
- envelopes

As for me, I store my scraps using a plastic drawer organizer. Currently I keep Stampin' Up cardtock in its own drawer, then three drawers for mixed paper colours (red/pink/orange/yellow, green/brown/black/white, blue/purple):
So how do you store your scraps? Please leave us a comment and share your ideas!

Posted by Jessica

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ribbon storage idea

Karen (Lolodesigns) recently had a big sort out, she set herself a huge task to organise her ribbon stash. She collected up all her ribbons

And after a few hours this is what it looked like:

Click here to visit Karen's blog, to see her reasonably cheap ribbon storage.

Posted by AuroraDawn

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Card Candy

This is another idea on how to store the Card Candy. I do admit that I am hooked on this product, so I have masses of it. As I am crafter by colour, I like to have my card candy organized by the colour spectrum, rather than collection of colours. So I use an ArtBin Solutions Box (4006AB) to store my Card Candy. By the way, dividing the card candy by colour is a job for only patient people.

This way I know when I have too many of a particular colour and not enough of another. And as you know I am storage fan -how, otherwise, would you explain the existence of this blog?- the Card Candy Storage box gets recycled for other uses.

So, what did I do with the Candy Store? Well, I use it to store other items like buttons or ribbon, or die cut shapes.

It is actually perfect to store small embellishments such as beads or brads. By the way, Craftwork Cards sells those ribbon boxes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mary's Gorgeous Stamp Zone

Diary of Mary's Pretty Stampin' Zone - you just have to see Mary's stampin area to believe it, it is just GORGEOUS, not only practical but it is so pretty too ...

Mary has some fantastic storage space, and ideas, what I wouldn't do for an American basement!

Click here for the diary (and pictures) of Mary's progress during the creation of her stampin space. - Apologies, the link doesn't take you direct to Mary's progress link, you have to scroll down the left hand side to the picture of her craft space, and click to visit her stamp zone

Posted by AuroraDawn

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stephanie Lynn's Rustic Playroom Paradise!

This is a long post today, but I am super excited to share this room with you, it is more than cool, I don't think there is an adequate word for just how cool this creative space is.

Motivated bv Donna at Funky Junk Interiors, Stephanie Lynn of Under the Table & Dreaming, set completion date and got busy. This room encompasses everything anyone would need in a workshop {Sewing area, Craft Supplies, Gift Wrapping Station, Paint, Tools and lots of storage}Stephanie says this space is still a work in progress... Take a looksie for yourself and see just how awesome this space really is!

Paint Storage ~ frequently used paints and primers are stored on this old shelf below. The stacked crates to the left hold additional gallon cans of 'house paint'.

She recycled just about any shelf and storage unit she could scrounge up for this space.

Stephanie loves little tags...tea stained ones to be exact. The divided sections of an antique soda crate along with canning jars helps keep them organized.

Fabric Storage ~ To protect the fabrics sh decided to store them in plastic containers sorted by color. There are separate bins for felt as well as larger fabric remnants that are kept below in larger containers.

Stoneware & Tin molds

Stephanie loves the use of storage glass jars mainly because you can easily see what's inside. On the top shelf she has fabric scraps, buttons, and ribbon scraps; below that trimming, spooled ribbon, and twine; and on the bottom shelf embellishments, beads, coffee filters and shredded paper filler.

A Piece of Pegboard creates the perfect back drop for one of her crafting tables. Using 's' hooks and plastic bins, she was able to create much needed storage for all those tiny tidbits that come along with all crafting. Longer peg hooks hold spools of ribbon and scissors for a mini wrapping station.

This mini tool storage box is another wonderful option for organizing tiny trinkets and small treasures. The craft table is actually an old 8ft banquet table that she spruced up by stapling fabric to the top.

Canning jars make the best inexpensive decorative storage, she uses them to hold a lot of things like glitter. I imagine embossing powders and enamels would work nicely in there as well.

For fast and easy finding a particular acrylic paint, she dabs a tiny bit of paint on the lid and sorts them by color.

More canning jars...

Like many of us who love to store wrapping paper, it usually ends up crinkled and destroyed by the time she get around to using it. Her solution; store it up high and out of the way. A simple ribbon tied around each roll holds the paper in place and prevents unrolling. She also has a storage bin underneath the table that holds the gift bags, tissue and boxes within easy reach.

Tobacco wooden ladders and extra baskets...

Hanging basket trees are another wonderful organizing tool. She has a few hung from the rafters. One is the perfect storage for spools of wired ribbon and the other for rusty metal garland and wire.

An old wooden cupboard {minus the doors} sitting on top of a wooden hutch top creates sturdy storage for these containers.

Old wooden crates are her other go to for storage as shown here holding some terra cotta pots.

Modified antique chicken coops create perfect shelving as well. By simply cutting spare boards to size and placing them between the rails she was able to make the most out of the space. Another vertical antique soda crate makes the cutest little cubby.

Being able to easily see and access items helps keep her organized. By writing the name of each oil on the lid She can pull out what she needs without rooting through the entire bin.

Antique Textile Mill Sewing Bobbins...

More nifty, purposeful storage...

Candle Storage ~ The fabric covered crate is sturdy storage for glass jar candles. Votives are kept together in a metal pail and tapers in a basket below.

Repurposing an old wooden drawer for more storage.

A toy storage bin is another great catch all for small items.

Larger wreaths and frames are hung from the rafters by screwed in bike hooks.

The rafters are perfect for hanging large oversized items {one of the perks to an 'unfinished' space}. Behind the vintage sled a metal curtain rod suspended from more bike hooks makes perfect storage for baskets {another one holds more wreaths}- up high and out of the way.

She hopes to hook up this chandelier in the spring. It fits perfectly over the center table.

More rafter storage use...

More bike hooks suspended from the ceiling help keep these berry garlands in order. Stems and picks were placed in a galvanized tub.

Scrap wood and molding...

An old gear oil drum for the scrap metal...

The biggest best investment has been these tool chests. By giving everything it's space, it is easier to put things where the belong!

Her grandfather's old tool chest full, one of her favorite pieces is full of goodies.

She was also very lucky to inherit a wooden sewing table and bench... A small bushel basket holds extra thread spools and bobbins.

Another 8ft table sits in the center of the room providing a nice solid work area. More canning jars in old rusty garden baskets hold odds and ends within arms reach. Wooden stackable storage cubbies sit at the opposite end of the table for additional easy to reach storage.

A little inspiration to make her smile...

She has big plans for this desk as well come spring & some warmer weather. Right now a piece of wooden bi-fold doors and 's' hooks create a little nook to hang some gardening supplies. Wooden ladders make nice flag hangers as well.

If Stephanie's creative space didn't make you smile, I don't know what will, I just adore the charming, rustic look and feel, Makes me wanna throw away my IKEA and start over with found items, what an amazing job Stephanie, thanks for sharing this with us!


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