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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100 Reasons to Get Rid of It

Fantastic article at Martha Stewart site for all of us hoarders of all sorts of bits and bobs.


Jennifer Mcguire (one of my favorite stamping designers) has a post here with storage questions and answers in her blog from her readers. Worth a look!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jenn's studio

Jenn has lovely and simple storage ideas and you can see loads of photos here (Flickr)
I love how Jenn has decorated her drawer set to sort die cut alphabets shapes, here, and the rail system allows her to have at hand paints and tools, here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just because...

... I have received some emails and comments on other websites, I need to make some changes and made things clear in this blog.

The intention of this blog is to share ideas on how to store craft items (scrapbooking, sewing, stamping...) from crafters. The intention was to post ONLY photos and text sent in by the authors or a friend with the authorization from the author. As it happened, more than once that didn't happen. I posted things thinking I had the permission from the author without having the written consent and therefore got into a little bit of trouble.
When I knew I did not have the permission I said so in the blog and commented that if the author had any problems with the link and photos being posted here, they should say so as there wasn't a way to contact them. I also would like to make clear that I never Hot-linked as I always download the photo onto my computer.

However, if someone posts something in Youtube they have to assume it can be imbedded in any blog, website that allows Youtube posting. It is not stealing ideas or anything. It is not a thing that is possible with Youtube, it is something that Youtube facilitates, actually I would go further and say that Youtube encourages embeding videos in other websites. Therefore, I assume that if something is in Youtube it is ok to posts as long as I don't receive an email saying the opposite.

So, for the future, I will only post entries that are one of the following:
- have been sent by the author of the idea.
- videos from Youtube (unless I receie an email requesting me NOT to do so!)
- and for all the others ideas just plain old links.

Of course that will mean much less entries, less pictures and so on. But I can not spend my time looking for pictures, then asking for permission, witing for it, and if they care to reply then post it. It takes too much time.

So, please send your ideas or just pictures of studios. They don't need to be pretty, nor amazing nor huge, just real life crafty storage.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanks to Renske and Debby for the award. I know it has rules in which I have to link to five more blogs. So just just have fun and go to any five blogs listed here!

Shimelle Laine's studio

And it yummy! Click here to see more photos, and here to go the blog of this super talented scrapbooker and cupcake baker.


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