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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vicki Boutin Studio

Right now, if I could choose a studio this one would be it:

For more photos click here. For the main page of the blog click here.

Keesha Urback-Winn storage idea

Keesha Urback-Winn paint storage idea in her own words:

Although I still have a lot to do to get my Craft Room “up to snuff” (a constant ongoing process I might add), I thought your Bloggers may benefit from this idea for storing small paints (or anything else their heart desires). Floor and counter space is more important to me than wall space, so I wanted to come up with some sort of wall storage component that was relatively inexpensive, minimum in size, and easy to install.

While shopping at Target, I noticed they had these cutlery trays on sale (50% off). For about $5 each, I thought they would work perfect to hang on the wall to store my small jars of paint; not to mention the fact that they already had a million holes on the bottom of the tray which would make nailing them to the wall a breeze!

Initially, I purchased the cutlery trays that had multiple silverware compartments, but after bringing them home, I discovered the compartments (shelves) were not tall enough to hold my paints, so I opted for the single drawer style instead and stacked the paints one on top of the other. I actually ended up keeping the other trays and plan to hang them up to use for embossing powders!

This system works great for me because everything is in plain view, yet not eating up my counter/floor space – no more having to open and close every 12x12 plastic drawer using my old storage system to find just the right color. I keep a small step stool in my Craft Room, so reaching the paints on the wall isn’t a problem. I bought all of the available trays at my local Target and even had my mom buy the last one at her store. I still have more paint and waiting for more of these trays to be for sale (hopefully they will)! If not, I’ll just have to conjure up some other “idea”.

You can read more about Keesha here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nichole Heady's punch storage idea

Nicole (from Papertrey stamps) has a blog full of fantastic card making and papercraft ideas, but also storing ones.
Her husband made a rack from scrap wood that I painted white. He attached it to the back of my door with heavy-duty screws. I attached curtains rods to the rack and placed the punches accordingly.
You can see the full story and lovely cards here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jennifer Stewart ideas

Using a hanging file box yesterday from Target. For more ideas click here.

Debby de Wilde Foam stamps

This is a fab idea for storing foam stamps using self adhesive velcro. You can see more of her ideas here.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jen's Studio

Beautiful ideas for storage in Jen's blog,

Nichole Heady Ribbon storage idea

Nichole Heady, from PaperTrey stamps, has posted in her blog this entry about how she stores her ribbon. A clue, involves old fashion pegs.

Acrylic Dabbers idea

Since I saw the advert for the Cropper Hopper vertical drawers I thought they were a great idea and great for my crafting ways.
I have the three types (one 12 x12 ", two 6 x 12" drawers, and three 4 x 12" drawers) and the I use them for several things, but the one with three drawers is perfect for the Ranger dabbers. In total, they fit 33 dabbers.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ribbon Ring

I found this link in the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes, in the little adverts section (yes, I do look there with attention!) is the perfected version of my idea for ribbon storage. You can buy it here.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Taylor VanBruggen posted a very good entry on her blog about her studio. Visit her blog for more photos and very nice card ideas.


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