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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Suzanne Henric's stamp studio

Suzanne Henrich has some mpre photos of her stamping studio. I particularly like the use of the CD units to store the Stampin Up sets (Bellow). You can check her work here and more photos of the studio here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jennifer Johner Studio

LOVE this studio, looks out of a catalogue! It is if you would like to see more photos click here. For Jennifer Johner blog click here.

Jennifer Pebbles

Only just recently I have discovered this very great crafter called Jennifer Pebbles, which you probably already know. has some photos of a mix of practical vintage studio. To see more photos click here.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Clever brad storage idea by Cindy Lyles

To read more about it, click here. For info on Cindy and photos of her great cards, visit her blog,
this idea could easily be transformed for buttons, eyelets...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Clear stamp storage

Sarah Bevard has this idea in her blog on how to store clear stamps. To look what the tin looks like on the front and back click here

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tim Holtz Studio

Worth a look. Tim Holtz in his blog shows photos of his studio, which is very Tim Holtz, but I like most of all how practical and male it is.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Recycling everyday items

While I was visiting Topaz Crafts in Lancashire, I saw this in Janet's desk on how to have your more used tools recycling an old cutlery sorter.

By the way, I am planing on being more active! Last few weeks have been very busy for me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Love this studio! Very pretty in pink. It is Margie Rommey-Aslett, a Making Memories Creative Designer, which you can find more info and fotos here.

Ally Ayres Studio

(I know there is some problems with this images, I 'll try and fix them in the next couple of days.)

Illy Coffee Tins
Asda Spice Rack £2
Ikea Expidite Casualty £5
paper rack craft shop second-hand
3 draw trays £1 poundland
storage jars ikea
Slimfast tins, diet didn't work but the tin came in handy
Ribbon holder Ikea curtain rail
99p including brackets bargain!
Argos cake stand
Last Winter

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Keisha Campbell is one of the most inspiring scrapbookers right now, at least for me, and she has posted photos o her studio on her blog, A Bit East. I must say, it is totally beautiful, and so not me! I wish it was my style, but I like things in the studio mostly to be practical, looks are second.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kathleen Stevens Studio

The base cupboards are kitchen base units, and worktop.

On the left as going into the room, there are 2 billy bookshelves – each with 3 cubes in them – from ikea. Bygel hanging rail underneath them with Bygel baskets for storing paints.

Hensvik wall unit with 6 cubes, underneath are stripa shelves – from ikea again. I have blossoms and flowers stored in storage canisters in the sale from Asda for 50p.

On the other wall is another Hensvik wall unit, 2 more stripa shelves, and the hanging rail and baskets are part of a set from Lidl.

Then Billy bookcase and then Expedit shelves – a 4x4 cube with a 4x2 cube on top of it. All from Ikea again!

Had to cut about 1cm from my cropper hopper paper holders so they fit into the shelves – also got horizontal magazine file holders from Sainsburys in the sale – can fit 3 into a cube with room to spare – ideal for 12x12 papers. 4L RUB fit 4 to a cube as well, unfortunately note big enough to squeeze the 7L RUB or Artbin boxes in though….

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ali Edwards has posted in her blog an entry about her room, her studio. Lovely, full of ideas, but I have to say not for OCD people like me (I have the tendency, never been diagnosed!). Worth looking into, the room I mean.

More photos coming up later. been a little bit distracted lately!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unmounted stamps idea by Stamping Caz

UK Stamping supremo, Caz has come up with this storage idea for unmounted stamps.
In her own words:
"Here is a storage solution for my magnolia stamps. CD case, I cut plastic dividers into 11cm x 11cm squares and stick my either Ez mounted stamps or stamps with tack it over and over glue onto it."

You can check her work in here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chipboard letters alphabet idea by Rebecca Warburton*

Over at Ukscrappers there was an interesting thread about storing chipboard alphabets and this photos caught my attention.

The letters are in this ArtBin Super Satchel Slim 6 Compartments cases which allows you to carry them anywhere. They come with 8 fixed compartments and 20 removable dividers. You can buy them here or here(UK).

* Rebecca is the owner of Rebeccas Scrapbooking Stash (UK).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ribbon Storage by Sam

In her own words:
I saw something like this for sale and asked DH if he could help ME make something like it!!!!!. So off we went to get the bits and this is what it we both ended up with. Not bad for no more than $2, the wood cost 29 cents a piece and the dowels were 15 cents each.

I am thrilled to bits with it, now I can see all my ribbons to hand instead of having them away in boxes or drawers.

The only problem is I NEED MORE RIBBONS!

You can read more about her in her blog here.

Storage systems by Organizes-it

I have to admit that the only two reasons why I would like to live in the US are the price of all thing crafty and the amazing storage products available everywhere.
While I was visiting Toronto last week I saw this fantastic cart.

What it's great and different from others is that each drawer is a carrying case, like the one below, which is very convenient for demonstrators or scrapbookers on the go.

You can buy them here (US based shop, not sure if they ship to UK).
Target has a similar one:
And this other one:
which holds cases that look like this:

Ribbon Storage Item

Have you seen this?

This new portable ribbon storage from Your Pictured Memor-EZ stores over 200 ribbons! Not bad!
If you would like more info go here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Can you believe it? Crafty Storage got a mention in Scrapscene blog, very cool. I mean I only started it August 20th! But I am guessing -because I am genius, not!- storage is big with crafters.

In other link news, an interesting article by Abey Garvey on Simple Scrapbooks on "Designing an Inspiring Space".
Also I found this post in the Simple Blog about organizing all your stash by color, which not only has photos but also explanations about why and how it works. My thoughts? it will work for some but not for everyone, because some scrap with color and some scrap with texture and visual weight.

Also I have add a few new links to craft rooms, on the right. I am loving Nichol Magouirk's studio, and you can see her work here.

And since it would be terribly boring an entry without a photo, here you have the new carousel by Making Memories Storage (Summer CHA release). Doesn't it look neat?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ribbon storage idea by Skitzo Leezra

Maybe using gutters as a storage for ribbons spool is not a new idea, but it is a good one non the less and a great reminder of how great it can look and how practical it is.
I really recommend to have a look in flickr for her stuff, studio and all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Becki Wainwright's studio in her own words

I decided to revamp my craft room mainly because I was running out of display space and it also gave me the opportunity to make things more accessible at the same time.

My Expedit bookcase was from Ikea at a wonderful £69 and provides ample space for my 12x12 albums and a few storage baskets at the same time. The wicker baskets with the ribbons tied on the front (in sets of 2 on the bookcase) are for all my colour coded embellishments – these are the real pretties that I adore and need their own storage space LOL

Most of my other embellies are safely stored in my lovely pink (what a surprise there!) butterfly totes as I spend a lot of time at crops so it makes it easier for me – if I had to repack everytime I would forget lots of things!! Although I am running out of space and so have just invested in the Creative Options tote below to store just the embellishments

My stamps are currently in a basket but I have just bought a My Sentiments Exactly stamp storage box – Im a sucker for pink and it only worked out at £10 delivered from eBay US so I couldn’t resist!!!

On the right of my craft room I have my 2m long desk (infact 2 desks pushed together) from Ikea – a bargain at £14 each!!! And my cute storage units on top.

I decided I needed additional storage space for my flowers (yes Im a floweraholic!!!!!!!!) and buttons as I was carrying way too many around in my tote

I was told about these wonderful spice and sweetie jars they have in Ikea so off I trundled….the spice jars are 3 for £1.99 and the large sweetie jars were 99p each but I still need a couple more!

My ultimate storage item has to be my tote-ally cool tote which is jam packed with all of my tools – my life depends on this LMAO.

You can find Becki's work here.

Why IKEA is dangerous, by Bex

Because when you go to get something that is under £10, you spend £100.

Not quite, but Bex literally went in to get the spice jars everyone recommended and came out with 2 units as well so £2 turned into £60. But doesn't her studio look gorgeous?

More on Bex studio later on!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quickutz dies by Angela Urbano

Angela Urbano is the proud owner of Urban Scrapyard a Toronto based scrapbooking shop with loads of style and design. Angela is also a Design Team for Quickutz, not a bad thing in a crafting resume!
For those of you who are Quickutz fanatics here there is a very clever, although a little elaborate, way of storing your dies. As you may know collections of dies tend to grow over the time, but this system will allow you to keep track of all your dies using the Magpie Nesting Storage.

With Quickutz dies you have a code in the die so Angela stores hers using this code.
First, She got a Rollidex type of box and she used a card/s for a type of shape and then organize them alphabetically. That way if you are looking for a shape of a cherry you look under fruits. Angela either downloads the image from Quickutz website and then prints it -advantage: quicker- or she just die cuts it -advantage: you will have the exact size of the shape. Then Angela writes the number/code of the die and between brackets if its a single die (1) or a doublekutz (2).

Then in each of the tins made for the Magpie unit, she stores the dies using the codes, in each tin you can fit up to 66 2x2" dies, so it's up to you and your collection of dies to divide them between the tins. Changing the tab is really easy, so in case that you get a few more in between you can always relabel the front of the tin.

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