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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Debbie de Wilde Rub On storage idea

Debbie's idea in her own words:
I bought an expandable file folder (Creative Memories Expandable File Mate) It has different sections with loose file folders. I organized my rub-ons theme wise (Alphabet, decorative, numbers, kids, christmas, quotes and so on) Now I just have to take the file folder out and there are my rub-ons. So far: This is a great way of storing your rub-ons. It could very well work for stickers too! One last tip: To make sure that the paper backing of the rub ons stays in place, I staple it to my rub-ons.

For more photos and explanation on how Debbie developed her idea, click here.
To go to Debbie de Wilde blog main page, click here.

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