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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kathleen Flannigan's storage Idea

In her own words:

On SCS forum I read that storing the sets in CD cases was quite popular. So I tried it with the magnetic sheet stuck to the inside of the cases. It worked for me at home except that I found it took 2 cases to hold a complete (4) set. As I have complete sets of circles, ovals, squares, rectangles as well as stars and ribbon tags that was a number of CD cases taking up space. I also often go to my friends home for all day papercrafting. The first time that I travelled with them a cases cracked. So I looked around all of our (Australian) department, discount etc stores for ideas.

I found these at Kmart and they were only $1.00 each. They are shockproof and have 10 suspended double sided pockets in them.
I made a card for each individual set and stuck a sheet of magnet on the back.
I found that one case held comfortably 3 complete sets using only the front of the pockets.
I also printed out a label for the front of the box and covered it with a piece of clear contact to protect it from wear and tear.
I have 2 boxes on the go and there is still room. They are easily transported and my nestabilities are fully protected.

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