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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dawn's craft space

Dawn of JadeMingmei Designs, there have been a few crafty Dawn's recently ;O) has recently tidied up her craft space, it involved a trip to everybodys favourite Ikea. It took her 4 days but it was well worth the effort.

I love this simple COPIC and ribbon storage, in Dawn's words "the COPIC marker boxes are new. Each box has 2 compartments and I found these in the kitchen untensil area of IKEA. Directly below the COPIC makers is my ribbon storage box. The box is full of ribbon that comes on the smaller spools and they are wrapped around 4x6 cardboard pieces and stored by color families".

To visit Dawn's blog, read more and see more pictures click here


Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

The Copic storage is fantastic!

Dawn said...

Thank you Aurora for featuring my blog post on Crafty Storage. I find myself skimming thru previous posts to see how other crafters organize...given me so many new ideas!
Dawn ;)

The copic storage has really worked well...would you believe that those containers are actually for utensils? LOVE IKEA!

Melis said...

I have used those cutlery containers after liberating them from the classroom last year. Mine are a bit tatty but do the job. The best thing is I now have more space to buy more copics!!


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