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Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Clip it up

What you need:

Dignitet curtain rings from Ikea

command hooks

and string

What you do: select a place were you would like to hang your clip it unit like a wall, the inside of a door etc.

Install the Command hooks as far appart as you want them and tie the string around them.
Clip your dignitet hooks to your supplies and hang from string.

Here's mine inside a door the width is about 36"


Pamela said...

Brilliant idea!

Sandra said...

IKEA here I come

Елена (Good Reputation) said...

Such a great idea!!! Thanx! :-)

Unknown said...


Brenda in Sunny SoCal. said...

The clips are at Ikea on the curtain section the name of them is further up in the post. Pictures are a great idea but I Would use a page protector this clips are strong and might damage the photo.


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