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Friday, January 31, 2014

Sari Hanninen Craft room

I love this room because its a small space well organised.

(Plus you get to hear how to pronounce IKEA's RÅSKOG (USA - UK) trolley by a Finnish person living in Sweeden, I love how Nordic languages sound!)

Sari's blog can be found here.


Sari Hänninen said...

HI there... I just found out that u had linked my craft room video via your blog... I'm grateful... It was a nice surprise...
and the Swede part... psst... I'm a Finn :-)... but I certainly do live in Sweden... and had I pronounced it in Finnish, well... that would've been a completely different story all togheter :-)...
Thanx again!

Paula Pascual said...

Hi Sari

Apologies for my mistake. I did think you were finnish but saw that you lived in Sweden and assumed you were from there.

I like how all nordic languages sound!

Sari Hänninen said...

no worries with the "mistake"... the Nordic languages sure do sound nice :-).


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