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Monday, September 03, 2007

Becki Wainwright's studio in her own words

I decided to revamp my craft room mainly because I was running out of display space and it also gave me the opportunity to make things more accessible at the same time.

My Expedit bookcase was from Ikea at a wonderful £69 and provides ample space for my 12x12 albums and a few storage baskets at the same time. The wicker baskets with the ribbons tied on the front (in sets of 2 on the bookcase) are for all my colour coded embellishments – these are the real pretties that I adore and need their own storage space LOL

Most of my other embellies are safely stored in my lovely pink (what a surprise there!) butterfly totes as I spend a lot of time at crops so it makes it easier for me – if I had to repack everytime I would forget lots of things!! Although I am running out of space and so have just invested in the Creative Options tote below to store just the embellishments

My stamps are currently in a basket but I have just bought a My Sentiments Exactly stamp storage box – Im a sucker for pink and it only worked out at £10 delivered from eBay US so I couldn’t resist!!!

On the right of my craft room I have my 2m long desk (infact 2 desks pushed together) from Ikea – a bargain at £14 each!!! And my cute storage units on top.

I decided I needed additional storage space for my flowers (yes Im a floweraholic!!!!!!!!) and buttons as I was carrying way too many around in my tote

I was told about these wonderful spice and sweetie jars they have in Ikea so off I trundled….the spice jars are 3 for £1.99 and the large sweetie jars were 99p each but I still need a couple more!

My ultimate storage item has to be my tote-ally cool tote which is jam packed with all of my tools – my life depends on this LMAO.

You can find Becki's work here.


The Cryer Family said...

This looks fabulous! Love everything in white - it sets off all the other coloured snippets in the room

Anonymous said...

This scraproom is so gorgeous! I absoloutely love it, especially the white units with all your lovely goodies in them.

Unknown said...

Where did you get the wicker baskets? Ikea?


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