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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quickutz dies by Angela Urbano

Angela Urbano is the proud owner of Urban Scrapyard a Toronto based scrapbooking shop with loads of style and design. Angela is also a Design Team for Quickutz, not a bad thing in a crafting resume!
For those of you who are Quickutz fanatics here there is a very clever, although a little elaborate, way of storing your dies. As you may know collections of dies tend to grow over the time, but this system will allow you to keep track of all your dies using the Magpie Nesting Storage.

With Quickutz dies you have a code in the die so Angela stores hers using this code.
First, She got a Rollidex type of box and she used a card/s for a type of shape and then organize them alphabetically. That way if you are looking for a shape of a cherry you look under fruits. Angela either downloads the image from Quickutz website and then prints it -advantage: quicker- or she just die cuts it -advantage: you will have the exact size of the shape. Then Angela writes the number/code of the die and between brackets if its a single die (1) or a doublekutz (2).

Then in each of the tins made for the Magpie unit, she stores the dies using the codes, in each tin you can fit up to 66 2x2" dies, so it's up to you and your collection of dies to divide them between the tins. Changing the tab is really easy, so in case that you get a few more in between you can always relabel the front of the tin.

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Mrs Mayne said...

wow what a great idea! might have to try this one!!


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