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Friday, August 31, 2007

Nicola Girdlestone's studio

Here is what Nicola has to say about her space:
I have been trying to sort out my craft room for ages. I bought the biggest Ikea Expedit unit and an understairs unit from Argos, along with baskets to go in it. After weeks of starting and stopping, I have finally got it to how I like it.
The boxes at the bottom of the Ikea unit hold my papers and cardstock along with small albums and mini books.As you can see the stairs in my craft room I had to work round them.

The drawers on the window sill are Ikea drawers that I decorated with freebie papers. The end one is still waiting to be done.

My husband made the Prima flower unit for me.

Just thought i would share my room with you all, as my husband thinks that it's a waste of space, although it's now tidy.


greyparrot said...

well I think it is boootiful :)
Paula I haven't forgotten you hun been tied up with deadlines and will get to it asap!;)

Julie said...

What a fab room!! You have made me want to rearrange my studio all over again and get the storage right this time!! Its so bright and airy I love it.

Made by Mandy said...

Love the Prima storage and the Ikea storage unit is ace.

JB-Crafting Supplies said...

What a great room, I love the Prima storage unit. I am in the middle of creating my craft room.

Anonymous said...

what a GREAT craft area. I LOVE it. i have alot of this ikea small drawers--- i have seen that everyone cover them up with fine papers.. but im not sure how you do that... :)

do you clip the papers to fit the drawer before you put them on ?
what kind of paper is great ? What kind of glue ? :) maybe you can write me and email?

Great room. so warm and cozy.


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