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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Paper Ideas by Paula Pascual

So here they go some ideas on how to store paper.

My stash of patterned papers are vertically stored in MUJI paper holders. Which look like this when empty and that you can buy them here.
They are perfect for 12x12", they have handles which means that are easier to pop in and out of the shelf and at £6.95 per a pack of 5 holders is a bargain! Right now I have already eight of those filled with patterned paper.

On the left hand side of the photo you can see the acrylic trays from Display Dynamic which are the ones most scrapbook shops have and you can see them bellow how they look empty. I already have three packs of ten trays (one pack was a present) and stores all my cardstock by colour. It does take a lot of space, but it looks rather nice (much better in real life than in this photo!)
Also in the photo you can see that I have got a cream bin which holds my rolls of paper. When you love paper as much as I do, size doesn't matter, big or small, I love it. So this is how I keep some of the larger pieces of paper.

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Momiji said...

I love the way you have stored the paper..I too discovered muji in the triangle, manchester but havent bought anything so far.It has some lovely simple , clean linear storage systems. at present mine is in a hotch potch of assorted boxes!
I will just have to dream!....

Janette said...

I love the clear trays shame they are in NJ
I live in the UK must see if I can source some here.

Viv said...

like the look of the muji storage system you have there - think its just what I am looking for :)

Can I ask did you make the dividers which seperate the different paper?

Off to investigate this blog further now :)


Sharon (glitterangel) said...

hmm, I feel a trip to Muji coming on, those boxes are great. I love the little clear stacking pots they do which are great for storing beads and eyelets.


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