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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Donna Leary's shed

The shed are delivered flat packed!

Getting the base up.

All up!

The shed now is ready for the electrics.

Once the electrics are done, Donna ut a pretty wallpaper and installed her desk and drawers sets. The Shed is 22ft x 10ft, which in metres is 6.7 x 3 m .Donna got this old library Cupboard from Ebay and stores all her paints in it. Also, there is a stamp maker in the bottom. The green racks on the left hand side, are from Ikea.

10 chest of drawers in this shed and all of them from IKEA.


Ruth said...

wow wee now that's what I call a very useful shed--my hubby would love it too--what a great job

Mr bathroom furniture said...

What a great shed, it goes to show what you can make when you put your mind to it!
bathroom furniture

Ulyana said...

It`s so cool!!! ;ะพ)


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