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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lorna Wright's Quickutz storage idea

Lorna explains how she came up with the idea and how to make it.

I thought of the idea when the original packaging that the squeeze came in split and as it sits on an open shelf it was beginning to get dusty. I wanted something to keep it clean, something small and simple.

I had just brought a new tea towel set, similar colours to the squeeze, I combined the 2 and hey presto my QK storage bag was born. It was made entirely from materials which I already had.

I started by standing the tool (handles closed with velcro cable tie) onto a piece of thick card (cut from old packaging) and drew round this leaving a slight border and this became my template. I also noted down how tall it stood.

I then cut a front panel and a back panel a third longer than the front, as this goes over the top of the tool. The 2 side panels and a bottom panel were cut from co ordinating material.
(By using the tea towel edges on the top edges it saved hemming and sewing) These were all cut a few millimeters bigger than the base.
I then stitched the panels to the bottom panel and then stitched up the sides. The card base was covered in pva glue then material and this placed in the bottom of the bag for stiffness.
I stitched some strong ribbon to form a loop onto the side panels for handles. I added press studs to the front for opening and closing. Lastly I die cut the Quickutz logo and attached this with strong adhesive.

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ohradiogirl said...

How cute is that? Thanks much for posting this.


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