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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Book of Nestabilities

I recenlty joined the Nestablilities Group over at Paper Craft Planet. My attention was immediately drawn to some photos on the main group page. Terry has created a binder just for her Nestabilities. She tells me the pages are magnet sheets adhered to cling foam stamp storage panels. The outside is decorated beautifully. I have been experimenting with magnet sheets inside CD cases but I'm finding they aren't as portable as I would like because the cases are getting scratched and cracked. Not too mention sorting through them all to decide which sets to bring to crops. I think a grab and go binder that you can flip through easily might just be the way to go. Terry is new to bloggin but I'll be checking back to see what else she comes up with.

Robyn has used the Bind it All to create a magnetic book for her Nestabilities. I am just in love with the grab 'em all and go storage.


Penni said...

This is a great way to store Nesties. I store my on magnetic card in empty CD cases, but of course this is not possible for the larger Nesties so I may have to adopt this method instead

Thanks for sharing this.


quiltedcavalier said...

I love this! I use the Quickutz magnetic storage cases for storing my ever growing collection of Nesties, but they are so expensive. I will have to try this - thank you for sharing.


Tricia Williams said...

Love this idea!!


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