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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Storing Rubber Stamp Wheels

I "used to" store my Rollagraph and Stampin' Up! rubber stamp wheels on these pant hangers that I picked up at Linens & Things.

I "used to" hang them on the back of my craft room door using removeable 3M hangers (so as to not damage the door).

I say "used to" because I eventually ran out of room and needed to come up with another solution.

So I started stripping the rubber off the plastic wheel - writing the name of the wheel in sharpie on the back!

2/24/10 Edited to add: I use an exacto knife to cut the seam on the wheel and then peel the rubber off the spool. I throw the spools in my recycling bin!

Now I store them ALL in just 1 Martha Stewart CD Storage box (and there is plenty of room for more wheels).

How do I use my wheels now?
I attach them to custom made acrylic blocks (from a local glass shop) using double sided tape and stamp away! How do I keep track of which wheels I have?
I would love to tell you that I have a stamped sample of each one that I keep in the box - but I don't!
I simply photocopied the wheel page from the Stampin' Up! catalogue and check off the ones I have.
This works for me - maybe it will work for you too!
2/24/10 Edited to add: It's been suggested that I put my wheel rubber on Ez-Mount foam or use cling. I purposely chose not to do this because of the added expense and space that would take up. I do use Aleen's TIO&O for a lot of my unmounted rubber stamps but I didn't in this case because I didn't want my wheels sticking together in the box!
Posted by Marie


Sue said...

So many fab ideas. Keep them coming:)

~T~ said...

You know you could mount those on creative cling and then you would never have to use the double sided tape again. The Angel Company sells the creative cling. Before I began selling for TAC I remounted all my wooden stamps onto the creative cling and I love it. I do not miss the wood mounts at all! I store all my stamps in cd cases, in cd boxes that are labeled 1-24 and then I've a photo of each set in a photo album and the number to each set is listed next to it. No more diggin' for hours looking for just the right stamp. I know a few stores are selling the creative cling as well - but I do not know the difference in price. It is cheaper for me to get it from TAC than the craft store on base - they are too expensive! Anyway - just an idea for you - it would save you on tape and you could still store them in your cd box.

~T~ said...

One more tip - if you have stamps that will not fit in cd cases - too long or wide - Stampin' Up just started selling empty dvd cases that will house them and then you can store those in DVD boxes. I'm not sure the price and I don't sell SU - but it's not hard to find someone who does.
Also, I got my cd and dvd boxes from IKEA in packs of 2 pretty cheap.

Katherine said...

This is awesome! What did you do with the handles and ink cartridges that went with them? Do you still use them or did you 'donate' them? I've had a couple of the stamps on my rollers come off (adhesive wasn't very good, I guess) and I've used those as flat stamps but I hadn't thought about taking them all apart! What a great space saver! Thanks so much for the great ideas!

sanjeet said...

Anyway - just an idea for you - it would save you on tape and you could still store them in your cd box.

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Katie Skiff said...

That is awesome! I bet you could put them on EZ mount foam too, instead of double sided tape. Thanks for the tip tho!

Gail S. said...

This site is becoming one of my favorites!!! I love the ideas you all share - please keep them coming. Wonderful!

Nadya 's World!!! said...

WOW! That is so cool how your storing those stamps now. Thanks so much for more awesome ideas!
Nadya :)

Jodene said...

That is such a great idea, and what a space saver!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

How many stamps do you need to make you happy? How do you feel about how all this stuff is headed to a landfill eventually? Your children are growing up in a polluted world, and you are trying to cram more plastics into your home.

castors said...

Wow... This is great! I agree... Most of the blogs here are interesting.. I will definitely try your idea..


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