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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Small embelishment storage

I like to have my small embelishments visible and handy so I don't forget I have them, I also like to be able to bring most of them to my work table where the projects are so I can try several so here's the way I store them
35 shelf3

Inside small jars on a tray that sits on my cabinet. The tray was purcahsed at a home decor store, the containers are from the beading section at the craft store, they come in a pack of 12 inside a larger square box

Here's a close up of the tray.
36 tray



Awesome! I love it!

LucianaW said...

Nice...great idea!

Meari said...

Just curious, how do you get them to stay on the tray like that?

Brenda in Sunny SoCal. said...

sorry been off for a while and just so your question today. The tray has raised edges almost abiut 1/6 of an inch lower than the containers so it pretty much keeps them in there just by itself, its proped on an angle, and I can just take out each container by itself when I need to.

Theresa said...

I wondered how they stay inside too. Great idea! Has anyone seen a tray like that anywhere?


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