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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Suzanne's Stamping room

Love it! I will let Suzanne explain it.

All my cabinets except those on the right wall are built on casters and actually roll into different configurations so that I can change the floor plan when I have friends over for classes.  The walls are a pale yellow and the floor is a dark black hardwood.  All trim and cabinets are white. The tile on the cabinet tops are 16 inch floor tile and are not fastened down so that I can change the configuration of the cabinets as I like.  The words on the walls are vision, art, dream, and imagination. I hope you enjoy looking at my space - I have enjoyed showing it off.

Looking in from the door:

My main work area:

That tall stack you see in the first photo:

On the walls to the right of the door:

Further down the wall to the right of the door:

Closeup of the Caboodle wall to the right of the door:

More detail about the Caboodle wall items and a different viewpoint:

To the left of the door, behind my chair:

Close up view of the left wall:

Closer view of the window wall with some labels:

Even more detail of window wall:


katemade designs said...

wow this is awesome. and to be able to move pieces around is great.

Chelle said...

I love the idea of everything on casters.

Diana Joy said...

oh this room. Nice job.

Unknown said...

To ~ Die ~ For x really lovely x Leigh x

Pirkkis (Finland) said...

Wow! I could say this is a STUDIO ♥

smileyfish76 said...

Suzanne, where oh where did you get your genesis trimmer???????


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