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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

LeAnn's crafty organizational ideas

There are plenty of studio and storage ideas here on the Crafty Storage blog, so I'm always excited when we have some different ideas to share. Today we have some cool ideas from LeAnn over at Silly LeAnn Designs.

Check out how LeAnn keeps track of her stamp sets:

(all photos courtesy of LeAnn at SillyLeAnn Designs)

Ever wonder if a certain stamp will fit a punch or die? LeAnn created another book to make it easy!

And check out how she keeps track of colour combinations!

Hop on over to LeAnn's blog and see even more ideas and photos: SillyLeAnn Designs. Be sure to tell her Crafty Storage sent you!

Posted by Jessica


Kate said...

Love that punch idea. Gonna try that one!

** Kate **

Bernie said...

This is without a doubt the very best and most helpful organization/storage post I have ever read!
Blessings Bernie

Nicki said...

i would so love to have the time to do this with all of mine, i did make a start yonks back ~ but never continued! fantastic organsiation ~ would love to be that organsied!

Anonymous said...

Love this site but all of a sudden I'm not getting all of the posts. Last week couldn't get 1 link to someones post and now this. Are we not "allowed" access to this or are we suppose to subscribe?

Yenni Natalia said...

what a totally great inspiration..
thanks so much


coololy said...

Great ideas


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