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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two submission requests

Here at Crafty Storage we get a lot of submissions of very clever crafters. But we know that many of our readers -if not everyone of them- have great ideas but often don't find the time, courage or energy to submit their ideas.
Please, submit them, no matter how small or how big the idea or the studio is, because we know that our readers are varied some of them with smaller or bigger that yours and we can all do with a bit more of inspiration on how to tidy and organize our creative spaces.

Anyway, sometimes we get too requests for ideas. And recently I got questions like do you have any ideas on how to store:

- mailing materials (empty packing boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper...)
- crafty stuff on the go (for those who dont have a dedicated room or like to go to crops...)

So if you have ideas regarding those two themes (or anything else) please send us an email.


cardmaking bird said...

I would really love to know how people store their flowers!!?? Could you possibly add that to your theme ideas!?! Thanks, Marie x

DAR said...

I would love to know how people store large decorative papers for projects. Something in the 24"X 30" range not scrapbook papers. I have a lot of them for bookbinding and dont want to keep them rolled but flat is also a bit of a space problem so Ideas for that would be super useful.

Shoshi said...

I contacted you several months ago about my new pegboard storage but nothing came of it - perhaps you never got my message? I did a blog post about it with photos if you're interested.

Rita said...

I would also really love to ready some ideas for the mentioned mailing material storage. I have tried to figure out a clever way for them, but nothing yet...


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