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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Organizing MY Craft Desk Top

This is my craft desk top.
I know it's very busy but I like to have my stuff "at hand" when I'm working.
When I was looking for ideas to organize the top of my desk I shopped in the kitchen department at the local Walmart.
I found these Rubbermaid Interlocking Mesh Drawer Organizers and I thought they'd be great for grouping supplies together.
If I need to, I can easily take one organizer out and use the supplies in another area of my house. I also found this Made Smart expandable shelf organizer (for spice bottles) for under $10 at Walmart. It's expandable from 14" to 27".
Because it steps up the drawer organizers in height, I can see what's in them and find what I need more easily.
This works for me and I hope it gives you some ideas to help you organize your craft space too!
Posted by Marie


Emily said...

I have to agree...I love to see what I have. If I tuck it away, I soon forget what I have and it doesn't get used or I miss using it on a page where it would have been perfect! Thanks for sharing! :o) said...


flowerdisco said...

great idea. i do like to have stuff handy/visible too.

Jodene said...

I love those wire baskets, and using the spice shelves like that is a great idea!

Sheila said...

What a fabulous idea.
It's something I would love to do but unfortunately it wouldn't quite fit to my workspace.....I'm going to ask hubby if we can swap my workroom and our!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Fab said...

Those expandable shelves are available in the UK from but they're dearer. Ouch !


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