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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mary's Gorgeous Stamp Zone

Diary of Mary's Pretty Stampin' Zone - you just have to see Mary's stampin area to believe it, it is just GORGEOUS, not only practical but it is so pretty too ...

Mary has some fantastic storage space, and ideas, what I wouldn't do for an American basement!

Click here for the diary (and pictures) of Mary's progress during the creation of her stampin space. - Apologies, the link doesn't take you direct to Mary's progress link, you have to scroll down the left hand side to the picture of her craft space, and click to visit her stamp zone

Posted by AuroraDawn


Sue said...

What a fab crafting space.

MarieK said...

I just loved Mary's stamping zone and was so sad to hear that after she had put it together she was moving!!!
I followed her blog religiously to see what her new space looked like and sure enough it's just as nice!
Here's a link to her new space:
Not only does she make great cards but she has great taste in craft rooms!

Unknown said...

It is a beautiful Space but I would find it very difficult to keep tidy and you would need to!!!

Collette said...

Not ALL American basements are quite as nicely organized as this one was, lol!


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